Good creative work is that which places people & enjoyment at the heart of the whole experience.

The web and social media have reinvented themselves a thousand times since 2013. It is in this context that I have matured. My stories are rich in anecdotes and learning. For all these years, one thing has remained the same: a love of design sets and the satisfaction of creating lasting relationships with my partners.

Sun Psychotherapy

Sun Psychotherapy didn’t need extravagant functionality that required changes every few years. So I used Bootstrap to develop a web presence to list services, certificats, licenses, and contact information, while eliminating the on-going maintenance costs of a dynamic website.


Hoda’s needed a system that allowed day-by-day changes to their season-focused menu, advertising specials and events, as well as catering forms. The family wanted to be in control of their content and minimal development time, so I chose WordPress.


I developed a logo, secured a domain name and added a landing page, then created copy, photos, and video in a WordPress installation for presentation to investors. This project was about defining scope and providing rapid-prototyping.

Sharfeddin PhD.

This is an author website designed to showcase her work and the occasional blog post. It consisted of designing, prototyping, and front-end coding and usability testing. It is optimized and responsive based on mobile guidelines.

Velvet Monkey Tea

The Velvet Monkey’s portfolio of 200+ varieties of loose leaf tea needed to be sorted into data groups (name, photo, description, price). I developed a custom theme and used the WordPress platform to manage content and product information. The site is attractive and targets customer interest as they browsed.

Lauren Douglas Fitness

This was a limited, rapid-build site that is both practical or elegant. With a modest budget, every hour spent had to carry us towards inspiring confidence in the customer. Deliberately simple, it only conveys the fitness trainer brand.

The Salt Mill

This project was a collaboration with a local graphic designer and a copywriter. And another powerful example of how thoughtful design can lend a sense of credibility to a new businesses .

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